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Thursday, May 24, 2018 
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Bucharest Stock Exchange and Agerpres launch InvestingRomania the first informational engine dedicated to the Romanian capital market


  • Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB’s CEO: This project embodies BVB’s strategy to build a competitive marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Alexandru Giboi, General Manager AGERPRES: Our professional standards at AGERPRES are in line with BVB’s performance
  • InvestingRomania.com is the first news and stock analysis aggregator to use four different sources of information: AGERPRES, BVB, companies and analysts
  • 13 companies in the forefront of the capital market have joined InvestingRomania.com


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the most important institution of the local capital market, and AGERPRES, the main news provider on Romanian and international issues, have jointly launched InvestingRomania.com, the most comprehensive info platform on news and stocks.

InvestingRomania.com include relevant content from the Romanian capital market using four sources of information: AGERPRES news, analysis and estimates of financial analysts, current and periodic reports submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange and news coming from listed companies.

For a company to be featured on InvestingRomania.com, the Bucharest Stock Exchange took into account a number of criteria such as reporting through the new IRIS system, both in Romanian and in English, good corporate governance, and coverage by at least two financial analysts.

The 13 companies in the forefront of the capital market that joined InvestingRomania are:

  • Banca Transilvania (TLV)
  • BRD – Groupe Societe Generale (BRD)
  • Bursa de Valori Bucuresti (BVB)
  • Electrica (EL)
  • Nuclearelectrica (SNN)
  • OMV Petrom (SNP)
  • Romgaz (SNG)
  • SIF Banat-Crisana (SIF1)
  • SIF Moldova (SIF 2)
  • SIF Transilvania (SIF 3)
  • SIF Oltenia (SIF 5)
  • Transelectrica (TEL)
  • Transgaz (TGN)


The information contained in the portal offers to current and potential investors an overview of these companies and a stock picker tool which allows the selection of shares from the portfolio based on trading or financial indicators.

The section called "Comment of the week" aims to provide a unique perspective on the recent events or of events of particular importance. Users who open an account on the new platform have the option to save the settings according to their favourite companies and receive the weekly newsletter.

Analysts of prestigious international brokerage companies are part of the InvestingRomania.com project. 23 analysts from 10 institutions publish reports and analyses on the site. The ten local and international institutions are:

  • BCR
  • Banca Transilvania
  • Berenberg
  • BRK Financial Group
  • Concorde Securities
  • Intercapital Invest
  • Prime Transaction
  • Swiss Capital
  • Tradeville
  • Wood & Co


A list of the analysts involved in this project can be accessed here.

"The partnership between AGERPRES and BVB represents a natural evolution of the relation between this two institutions. I am enjoying the fact that Bucharest Stock Exchange appreciates the work of the press agency and, in particular, I am glad that the professional standards we follow at AGERPRES are compatible with the performance of Bucharest Stock Exchange. I am sure that our partnership will bring developments in fulfilling purposes for both institutions", said Alexandru Giboi, CEO of AGERPRES.

"The InvestingRomania Project is part of the Bucharest Stock Exchange strategy to build a competitive market in Central and Eastern Europe, to improve the transparency of listed companies and to attract new investors on the local market," said Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO of BVB.

To reinforce this, along with InvestingRomania.com, BVB has also launched the new version of BVB portal, m.bvb.ro, optimized for smartphones and tablets to meet investors’ requirements, bearing in mind that one of three visits on the www.bvb.ro website is done from handheld devices.

The information published on the portal InvestingRomania.com is not an investment recommendation. Platform users should exercise their own skill and judgment before relying on it in their investment decisions.


About Bucharest Stock Exchange

Bucharest Stock Exchange develops the most advanced and complex array of programs among the European stock exchanges with the purpose to increase the level of financial education. BVB’s activities are dedicated mostly to existing or potential investors and to entrepreneurs, and their aim is to have a significant contribution to the development of financial literacy in Romania. The technical achievements were also part of BVB strategy and included, among other things, the development of the trading platform Arena XT, which is now used by 13 brokerage companies.


AGERPRES was founded in 1889 and it is The National Agency of Journalism in Romania. The Agency has the role to offer adequate information, with impartiality and also to be the main source of information for citizens and institutions and to be the most important news source about Romania. Starting with 1921, the agency has been having an uninterrupted transmission of news and information. Among the services that AGERPRES offers we can find thematic news, photography archives, monitoring the news, video services and multimedia, and also printing services.


Bucharest Stock Exchange runs markets for shares, bonds and other instruments, through regulated platforms and alternative systems, and provides a wide range of services to participants of financial markets.  Bucharest Stock Exchange is a public company, listed on its own market since 2010. For more information refer to www.bvb.ro. For further information: Daniela Serban, Director IR&PR, comunicare@bvb.ro