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Thursday, May 24, 2018 
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Bucharest Stock Exchange calls Romanians to sign the petition to have a National Investment Day for the first time


Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB’s CEO:

  • Romania needs a National Investment Day, which can change mentalities and destinies of millions of Romanians
  • It takes a national project to pull Romania out from the lowest financial literacy rate within EU member states


Lucian Anghel, BVB’s Chairman:

  • The "First Investment" program is just as necessary as the "First House" or the "First Car" programs
  • If we had invested in BVB shares 5 years ago, we would have doubled the investment by now


The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the most important institution of the local capital market, launches the first of a kind initiative allowing Romanians to express support for enforcing a National Investment Day by signing an online petition on www.primainvestitie.ro, part of the most ambitious national project ever undertaken by a European stock exchange to increase financial literacy. The online petition will serve as a starting point for a legislative initiative to have a National Investment Day on May 15th.

"The Bucharest Stock Exchange believes a national vision is required to improve on such an important aspect impacting every citizen. Romania’s biggest issue does not reside in having little money, but in the aim and the extent we choose to have it allocated. Romania needs a National Investment Day to change for the better not only the mentalities but also the destinies of millions of its citizens," BVB’s CEO Ludwik Sobolewski said.

Romania ranks last among the EU member states when it comes to the financial literacy rate: only 22 percent of its population has a minimum financial knowledge, according to a survey on global financial education released by Standard and Poor’s in 2015.

"Just as Romania has the "First House" or the "First Car" programs, it should also have the "First Investment" program. We need a National Investment Day," BVB’s Chairman Lucian Anghel pointed out, explaining the effects of coming into fruition of such an initiative. "If only we had managed differently and diversified the money we had earned so hard and had invested let’s say EUR 100 in the shares of the main companies listed on BVB at the beginning of 2012, we would now have had EUR 200, which means we would have doubled our investment. The total yield of the main index was in the black every year from the last five, which corresponds to an increase of 97 percent in euros by the end of 2016 and as such has nearly doubled during this time," BVB’s Chairman added.

Under the umbrella of the National Investment Day, the Bucharest Stock Exchange will organize between 14-15 of May a series of public events aimed to encourage investments among Romanians and increase the financial literacy. Among the events to be organized we can mention Banii Tai Expo. an event which will reach this year its third edition, under a new format and in a new location. The Expo will include financial education seminars and workshops dedicated to children and young people and will be enhanced by Fluent in Finance seminars in Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi, book launches and exhibitions.

BVB launches a public call to foundations, associations or individuals to engage, and enroll their innovative projects for financial education. Once accepted, the initiatives will be included in the program dedicated to the National Investment Day and will receive support from BVB and partners to increase financial education.

"We invite to join us all those who wish to support this initiative, may they be representatives of the political environment, public institutions, authorities, companies, individuals, NGOs, volunteers, universities and all those who have the belief that their contribution will help National Investment Day to become a national project with major positive implications for society," added BVB’s CEO Ludwik Sobolewski.

The National Investment Day is an initiative of the Bucharest Stock Exchange to which several main partners adhered from day one: The Financial Group Banca Transilvania, Central Depository, OTP Asset Management Romania, Raiffeisen Bank and Tradeville. Institutional partners are: The Foundation "Dreptul la Educatie", Bucharest Metropolitan Library. Media partners are: Radio Romania Actualitati, Agerpres, Finzoom, Elite Business Women. Considering this is a national and long-term approach, the list of partners remains open and will be updated following the confirmations on www.primainvestitie.ro.

Bucharest Stock Exchange develops the most advanced and complex array of programs among the European stock exchanges with the purpose to increase the level of financial education. BVB’s activities are dedicated mostly to existing or potential investors and to entrepreneurs, and their aim is to have a significant contribution to the development of financial literacy in Romania. Among the programs BVB has developed until now, one can notice "Fluent in Finance", the "Universal Platform - Fluent in Finance", the first real-life trading competition "Condus de randament", the "Individual Investors’ Forum", all of these projects being dedicated to individual investors interested in the capital market, while projects like the “Bucharest Entrepreneurship Forum” or “Made in Romania” were mainly dedicated to entrepreneurs. The technical achievements were also part of BVB strategy and included, among other things, the development of the trading platform Arena XT, which is now used by 13 brokerage companies, and which can be used both for demo trades as well as for real trades.