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Friday, February 22, 2019 
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Supplementation of the OGSM agenda for 22(23).08.2018

Release Date: 8/6/2018 4:20:09 PM

IRIS Code: EA63C


No. 1-3 anul 1848 Street, Ploiesti, Prahova, Romania

TIN RO 1350020

NACE Code 4950

CRN J29/6/22.01.1991

Subscribed and paid-up share capital 28 569 842.40 RON


No. 31110/06.08.2018


To: The Bucharest Stock Exchange

Phone no. +40 21.307.95.00/ Fax no. +40  021.307.95.19


The Financial Supervisory Authority 

Phone no. +40 021.659.60.57/ Fax no. +40 021.659.64.36; 021.659.60.51


Current Report no. 27/2018

as per Law no. 24/2017 and ASF Regulation no. 5/2018



Date of the report


Name of the Issuing Entity

CONPET S.A. Ploiesti

Registered Office

No. 1-3, Anul 1848 Street, Ploiesti


0244/ 401360/ 516451/ 402385/ actionariat@conpet.ro

Sole Registration Number at ORC


No at the Trade Registry


Subscribed and paid-up share capital

28,569,842.40 RON

Total No of Shares

8,657,528 nominative shares

   The regulated market where

    the issued securities are being traded:             B.S.E., PREMIUM Category


Reporting significant events:

Supplementation of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (OGMS) of CONPET S.A. convened for the date of 22.08.2018 – in first call/ 23.08.2018 – in second call, 9:00 A.M., at the registered offices of the Company, located in Ploiesti, no. 1-3, Anul 1848 Street. The reference date of the meeting is 13.08.2018. The registration date advanced by the Board of Administration of the meeting is 13.09.2018 (serving for the identification of the shareholders affected by the OGMS resolution). Settlement of the date of 12.09.2018 as ex-date related to the OGMS.


The supplementation of the Agenda of the OGMS Convening Notice took place after having received from the Ministry of Energy, majority shareholder of the company CONPET S.A. (holder of a number of 5,083,372 shares, representing 58.7162% of the share capital), of one request regarding the introduction of two new items on the Agenda, respectively:

“1. Election of a Secretary of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders;

2. Election, based on the cumulative vote method, of the constitutive members of the Board of Administration of CONPET S.A..”

The initial Agenda of the OGMS dated. 22.08.2018 - in first call/23.08.2018 - in second call, is being supplemented accordingly, by the related renumbering of the items herein, resulting the following


1.                  Election of a Secretary of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders;

2. Election, based on the cumulative vote method, of the constitutive members of the Board of Administration of CONPET S.A..

3. Ascertainment of the termination of administrators mandates as per the provisions of the administration contracts, following the completion of the selection procedure provided in EGO no.109/2011 regarding corporate governance of the public enterprises, approved with amendments and completions by Law no.111/2016.

4. Election of a new Board of Administration made up of 7 members.

5.The settlement of the mandate duration of the elected administrators at 4 years.

6. Approval of the form and contents of the administrators’ mandate contract.

7. The settlement of the fix monthly gross allowance for the elected administrators.

8. The approval of the designation of the representative of the Ministry of Energy in the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the execution of the mandate contracts of the elected administrators.

9. The Empowerment:

a) of the President of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to sign the OGMS Resolution;

b) of the Chairman of the Board of Administration for the update and execution of Annex no.1 to the Articles of Incorporation of the company in what regards the constituency of the Board of Administration.

c) of the Director General to perform the necessary diligence in order to register the OGMS Resolution and the updated Articles of Incorporation at the Trade Register Office attached to Prahova Law Court, publishing thereof in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part IV, as well as to be granted the right to delegate, to another person, the proxy to perform the above-mentioned diligence.

10. The approval of the registration date 13.09.2018 advanced by the Board of Administration, with ex-date 12.09.2018.


We hereby attach to this Current Report the OGMS Convening Notice for the date of 22.08.2018 (23.08.2018) comprising the supplemented Agenda.


Director General

Dan-Silviu BACIU, E.M.B.A.

S.s. Illegible






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