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| October 21, 2021 |
Market Status: Open
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BVB has implemented measures to prevent the activity from being affected by COVID-19 extension


  • Preventive measures necessary for the normal activity of the market operator have been implemented
  • A plan is envisaged that also provides for remote work
  • Events planed for March have been canceled


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs all the capital market stakeholders that it has implemented measures to prevent the influence of COVID-19 on the current activity of the market operator and of its employees. BVB has a Business Continuity Plan even for cases where the activity can no longer be carried out from the headquarters, a plan that involves even the remote work, even from home.

Since February, BVB has carefully monitored the evolution of the situation as presented by the authorities and implemented the necessary preventive measures for the normal conduct of the activity at the level of the market operator. Internally, BVB has announced its employees the measures they are obliged to take and what to do if any person presents specific symptoms triggered by this virus. In the context of the recent events regarding COVID-19 in Romania and the measures taken by the authorities with the acceleration of the spread of COVID-19 in Romania, almost half of BVB employees started working from home, by rotation, and within the BVB premises were taken additional hygiene and disinfection measures.

At the same time, BVB has decided that it is safer to restrict the access of foreign persons to BVB headquarters and to cancel, as of Monday, March 9th, all the events scheduled for this month, with the possibility of extending these measures and subsequently to March, depending on of the evolution of events regarding COVID-19 in Romania.

Given that the Business Continuity Plan is reliable and that high risk scenarios have been taken into account in its creation, BVB assures all capital market stakeholders that its activity is not disturbed by the evolution of COVID-19 in Romania, and urges the maximum responsibility of those involved in collaborative activities and all market participants, companies or individuals, to take all necessary precautionary measures caused by this unprecedented situation for Romania.

BVB will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation caused by COVID-19 in Romania and assures the stakeholders that it is prepared to impose additional measures if the situation so requests.