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Monday, July 26, 2021 
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Renewable energy at Bucharest Stock Exchange - the first bond issue of the electricity provider Alive Capital started trading


The first bond issue of Alive Capital, the electricity and integrated services for the electricity market provider, started trading today, April 14th, on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) Multilateral Trading System (MTS), under the ticker ALV23. The funds raised through the private placement will be used in investments in production of electricity from renewable sources and for technical support of integrated services activities, related to the production and sale of the electricity.

  • Radu Hanga, Chairman of the Board, Bucharest Stock Exchange:

“We are pleased to support through the financing mechanisms of the capital market the development of the renewable energy segment, an important one for the energy market. Renewable energy projects, which involve a large need for capital, are part of the global goal for emission neutrality. The local capital market proves today, through this first issue of Alive Capital bonds, that it has the capacity to support green energy investments. We want to continue to be the connection between developers who can build green energy systems and the capital resources that active investors at BVB have at their disposal. The dynamics in the beginning of this year - eight issues of corporate bonds on MTS and the main market, as well as three government bonds and the six new listed companies - demonstrate the investors interest for new business ideas, as well as the level of financial resources available in the market”.

  • Giacomo Billi, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alive Capital:

“Mankind has begun to realize that economic expansion can only be based on renewable, non-polluting energy, that provides the environment for a sustainable development of our society. The world's states have begun to shut down their electricity generation capacity that are using polluting sources, and coal is the top. Alive Capital's decision to invest in this sector is based on the belief that very soon investments in new renewable energy production capacities will be significant, and the digitization of electricity trading markets is already a reality. The tools offered by the capital market are the ones that will lead to the consolidation of our position in the field of green energy and to the further support of positive economic results, for the benefit of the company and of the investors”.

  • Mihaela Stoica, CEO, Intercapital Invest:

“Each Romanian company with ambitious growth intentions and big development plans should consider listing on Bucharest Stock Exchange as a financing alternative. Listing on the stock exchange could be the cherry from the top of the cake of a long-term strategic goal and the beginning of a new stage in the company's life, brought by the listing in the spotlight. Through issuances of shares or bonds listed on the stock exchange, companies benefit from the «bondholder-shareholders» transfer effect and can win an established group of potential investors. Today’s Alive Capital bond issue marks the company's access into the Romanian capital market, and the funds raised will be used for investments in production of electricity from renewable sources. "

The electricity supplier and integrated services for the energy market, Alive Capital, listed today, April 14th, its first issue of corporate bonds on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) Multilateral Trading System (MTS), under the ticker ALV23. The first day at BVB was marked by an official opening of the trading session with the participation of Giacomo Billi (Founder and Chairman of the Board, Alive Capital), Mihaela Stoica (CEO, Intercapital Invest) and Catalin Nae Serban (Chairman, Intercapital Invest). The recording of the event is available on BVB’s social media channels (Facebook and YouTube).

The funds were attracted at the end of 2020 in a private placement carried out with the support of Intercapital Invest, the Authorized Advisor who also assisted the listing of the bonds issue on the BVB’s MTS. The funds raised through the private placement will be used in investments in production of electricity from renewable sources and for technical support of integrated services activities, related to the production and sale of the electricity. The bond issue has a total value of RON 10mn and includes 100.000 bonds, with a nominal value of RON 100/bond, 3-yrs maturity and an interest rate of 8% p.a., payable half-annually.

Alive Capital has almost 9 years of experience in the energy field. From the beginning until 2020, the company has carried out asset management activities specific to producers of electricity from renewable sources. Since 2016, after obtaining the electricity supply license issued by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE), Alive Capital participates in the centralized electricity markets managed by Romanian Gas and Electricity Market Operator (OPCOM). Since 2019, it has been licensed by ANRE as a natural gas supplier, and since the beginning of 2021 it has a commercial exploitation license for production electricity from photovoltaic sources.

The electricity in Alive Capital portfolio for 2019 consisted of 55.27% from conventional source and 44.73% from renewable source. At the end of 2020, Alive Capital was managing 477 MW installed in renewable energy production capacities distributed throughout Romania (photovoltaic, wind, biomass, and micro-hydropower plants), which represents approximately 9.3% of total capacity E-RES from Romania.

The company closed 2020 year with a turnover of RON 219.6mn and a net profit of RON 13.7mn. The company's revenues are generated from three main lines of activity: the sale of electricity generates 78.5% of revenues, the asset management 13%, and the supply of electricity 7.5%. Two new business lines, the natural gas supply, and the monitoring of power plants from renewable sources, generated 0.09% and 0.03% of revenues.

The founder of Alive Capital and chairman of the Board of Directors, Giacomo Billi, holds 99.5% of the company's shares, the difference of 0.5% being held by Alive Energy SRL.

About Intercapital Invest

Intercapital Invest is a company with over 20-year experience in the field of capital market, being an Authorized Advisor at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Its purpose is to support the financing of companies through bond issues or shares and their admission to trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange markets. In this process, Intercapital Invest promotes the best practices in corporate governance specific to issuers and provides investors with investment opportunities in private placements in bonds and equities.