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The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) calculates and distributes in real-time 11 indices – BET, BET-TR, BET-TRN, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR, BET-XT-TRN, BET-BK, BET-FI, BET-NG, BET Plus, BET AeRO – and one index developed together with Vienna Stock Exchange – ROTX index.

BVB indices track the price changes of the most traded companies listed on BVB or of representative sectors, such as energy or financial. Regarding the calculation methodology, all BVB indices are free float capitalization weighted price indices. Capping applies for the component companies’ weights. Except of four indices: BET-TR, BET-TRN, BET-XT-TR and BET-XT-TRN which are adjusted for dividends, all BVB indices reflect changes in market prices alone.

Due to their methodology, BVB indices can be used as underlying for derivatives and structured products.

All BVB indices are calculated in RON, EUR and USD and are disseminated in real time.

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BVB Indices


Launch Date: 9/19/1997
Number of Stocks:  variable, between 10 and 20
Start Value: 1000 points
Index Review: Quarterly (March, June, September, December)
BET is the first index developed by BVB and represents the reference index for the local capital market. BET reflects the performance of the most traded companies on BVB’s regulated market, excluding financial investment companies (SIFs). It is a free float market capitalization weighted index, with the maximum weight of its components of 20%.
The main selection criterion is liquidity. Starting 2015, further criteria related to issuers’ transparency and quality of reporting and their communication with investors are also used for screening.