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Bucharest Stock Exchange unravels the list of 15 companies that will define the future of Romanian economy


On April 3rd, Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) announced and awarded 15 companies that have qualified into the final stage of the Bucharest Stock Exchange’s Made in Romania. Organized for the first time in the history of the Romanian capital market, Made in Romania is a unique concept aimed at identifying, promoting as well as providing a special mentorship program to Romanian companies with the biggest growth potential.

The final 15 selected companies are:


Located in:

Domain of activity:

2Performant Network


Digital marketing



Integrated solutions for agriculture



IT and software development

Autonom Rent-a-Car


Car rental and operational leasing

Blue Air


Airline passenger transport



Meat, dairy, catering, animal farms and vegetable shops network



Infrastructure and construction

Good People


Food production, restaurants



Cosmetics manufacture and selling



Manufacture of machinery for agriculture and forestry

Lasting System


IT&C solutions and technology provider

Smart Bill


Software & services



Software & services



Production of vegetable oil


Online travel agency


13 companies were selected following the meeting of the Jury, which consisted of the following local and foreign market experts: Lucian Anghel (President, Bucharest Stock Exchange), Razvan Butucaru (Partner, Mazars), Radu Hanga (Executive Director – Head of Group Management, Banca Transilvania), Candace Johnson (President, European Business Angel Network), Dragos Petrescu (Founder and CEO, City Grill), Florin Pogonaru (President, The Businessmen’s Association of Romania), Rares Rusu (Marketing Manager, Google), Ludwik Sobolewski (CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange), Iulian Stanciu (CEO, eMAG), Raluca Tintoiu (CEO, NN Pensii), Kurt Weber (CEO, Horváth & Partners) and Dochita Zenoveiv (Brand Innovator, INOVEO). Two additional companies, Smart Bill and 2Performant Network were selected based on the decision of the public, which had an opportunity to submit votes for their favorite company through a dedicated website,, between March 8th and 19th. A total of 10,847 unique votes were cast.

The final 15 selected companies were announced on April 3rd during a dedicated Made in Romania gala, which was attended by over 100 top Romanian entrepreneurs and CEOs, Nomination Committee as well as Jury members. During the Gala, two listed companies that were included on the shortlist, Bittnet Systems (BNET) and Ropharma (RPH) were also acknowledged on the stage and invited to join the Made in Romania in the capacity of experts.

Further information about all the nominations received as well as information about 50 shortlisted companies can be found in a special brochure prepared by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, available HERE.

“When analyzing applications of companies that applied for the Made in Romania we were delighted to see how many entrepreneurs were proud to be «made in Romania». This incredible momentum will not be lost. We are indeed awarding the final 15 however we look forward to offering trainings and support to the remaining 151 companies as well”, stated Lucian Anghel, BVB President.

“We believe that constant efforts and hard work based on creative concepts lead to great results. We want the new brand of Romanian creativity, innovativeness, courage in business and competitiveness to flourish. This is our Made in Romania mission” said Ludwik Sobolewski, BVB CEO.

The next stage of the Made in Romania envisages that between April and November 2017, the selected companies will participate in a special mentorship program developed by Bucharest Stock Exchange and partners. Every month between April and November 2017 will have a different theme, such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit or financing for growth. Based on the theme of the particular month, a number of top-quality workshops, trainings and 1-to-1 meetings will be organized for the companies’ dedicated teams/employees. Through such organization, within the 8 months BVB together with the partners will have a chance at inciting innovation and best practices at the selected companies and thus supporting their growth.

Made in Romania is part of what we see as a larger process of rediscovering the local business landscape, assessing its true value and promoting those who have succeeded in crafting valuable Romanian brands, developing thriving businesses and thus contributing to the creation of a robust and competitive domestic business environment. Banca Transilvania proudly supports this initiative that puts a spotlight on local entrepreneurial skills” said Radu Hanga, Executive Director – Head of Group Management at Banca Transilvania and a Jury member.

“We identified a wide range of successful companies, founded and developed by local entrepreneurs - real Made in Romania businesses with growth potential also on international level. Initiatives like “made in Romania” are important because they put these businesses into the spotlight and provide them the necessary support to make the next step in their development,” said Kurt Weber, CEO at Horváth & Partners and a Jury member.

“It is more than reassuring to see that Romanian entrepreneurs invest in creating and growing solid businesses with dedication and hard work.  “Made in Romania” sheds a fresh light on the resourcefulness of the entrepreneurs sector with more than 160 registered applications ranging from oil producers, IT and software to manufacturing and beauty products. We are delighted to co-create alongside them and promote Made in Romania brands,” said Razvan Butucaru, Partner at Mazars and a Jury member.

Additionally, in order to celebrate the success of the 15 companies, BVB together with partners will issue a book dedicated to the growth stories of the finalists later in the year.

Made in Romania concept is conducted together with Banca Transilvania Group, Google, Horvath & Partners, Mazars and NN. Entrepreneurship Academy, Inoveo, Romanian Business Leaders foundation and portal are the official supporters.

Participation to Made in Romania is offered to the companies free of charge and is voluntary. Given the success of the first edition, Bucharest Stock Exchange announces that the second edition of Made in Romania will take place at the end of 2017.