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Arena XT Terminal

InvestDirect ArenaWeb

Launched on April 30, 2015, the new InvestDirect ArenaWeb increases the accessibility of Bucharest Stock Exchange for the individual investors. In the same time, it enhances the portability of Arena XT trading environment, under the same technology, security and reliability. InvestDirect ArenaWeb is an easy way to trade on Bucharest Stock Exchange, no matter the location. Investors can trade on the go, the only must being an Internet connection.

Why should you use InvestDirect ArenaWeb for trading?

  • the portable, friendly and flexible web version of InvestDirect ArenaDesktop
  • cross bcol-lg-12ser web trading application, works in all major bcol-lg-12sers and operating
  • optimized for Internet Explorer 10 (minimum version), Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • platforms: PCs, tablets, smartphones
  • real-time updates for market data and trading operations with full market depth view

Features of InvestDirect ArenaWeb

  • market data: market watch, indices, tickers;
  • order management: own orders can be modified directly from the market depth view;
  • various reports: trades, portfolio, activity;
  • web-based charts (HTML5): line, OHLC, candlestick (daily/intra-day data);
  • order types
    • limit, market, unpriced
    • hidden orders
    • good till date, FOK, FaK, good till canceled, VFX
    • contingent orders (Stop, If Touched, TAL)
    • valid for opening, auction, trading-at-last, closing

Advantages for investors

  1. Accessibility. The system is accessed via Internet, using a computer equipped with a modern bcol-lg-12ser and any operating system. The client connects to the intermediary's Arena XT system based on the access data supplied by the broker.
  2. Real-time data. All operations are performed in real-time. Confirmations and messages from the exchange are also received in real-time, without the need to request for new information.
  3. Portfolio. The "portfolio" function offers a consolidated display over the cash and instrument positions for each type of account managed by the current user. The portfolio is real time evaluated by the market price and the profit or the loss realized or to be realized are highlighted.
  4. Activity monitoring. The client has the ability to monitor all the instructions executed on his account, through detailed reports of orders, trades and management operations on account level.
  5. Technical analysis. The technical analysis module gives users the possibility to design investment strategies based on the trading information and on specific indicators for this type of instrument.
  6. Safety. The safety of the platform and the communication between the terminal and Arena XT platform, in terms of authentication, authorization, access monitoring and traffic encryption is enforced through industry-standard mechanisms.
  7. Performance. The execution speed for instructions and orders is ensured by implementing ARENA-AUTOMATED EXCHANGE PLATFORM technology in the online trading platform.
  8. Self-explained . You don't need an user-manual to use this software.
  9. Real time market data. Including market depth (full market-by-price view). Trading information (Market Data) is displayed in real-time in panels like Indices, Ticker and Market Watch. The latest changes to fields are displayed on a background color different from the rest of the fields to be more easily noticed.
  10. Order Types. All order types implemented by the Bucharest Stock Exchange at the level of the trading engine are available on the web trading desktop for the end-client.