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In recent years, the efforts of the Bucharest Stock Exchange towards corporate social responsibility have focused on complex educational projects that provide young people, but not only, with access to basic financial information. The initiative starts from the studies that place Romania among the last places in the European Union regarding the level of financial literacy.


Fluent in Finance: nationwide free of charge seminars and educational platform

Fluent in Finance is a complex educational program consisting of 2 components: free of charge seminars offered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange to employees within the Romanian companies, individuals, students, MA and PhD students, high school students and the eponymous online educational platform.

The Program, launched on July 15, 2015 consists of seminaries in multiple locations in Romania, with the purpose of increasing the level of financial knowledge of Romanian citizens in general and to teach them how to manage their own resources. More specifically, during seminars you will find out which are the most important channels to redirect your personal investments and the degree of risk involved, how to diversify your investments and how to invest in the stock market.

In addition to these seminars that allow direct interaction with current or potential investors, we developed the online platform where anyone can access 24/7 online courses about the capital market, a dictionary consisting of economic terms, educational movies, tests of their financial knowledge, and the possibility to sign up for a seminar.

What we have achieved during the 3-year period of the Program? The figures speak for themselves. Click here to see the results.

You can also become “Fluent in Finance”, find out how on

7/24 Capital

7/24 Capital is the online video production of the Bucharest Stock Exchange aiming to make the capital markets easy to understand, and attractive to a broad audience. It uses journalistic approach and translates complex concepts into simple, plain language using both written and visual means. Due to the out of the box approach, the online show soon became a benchmark in the financial video blogging industry as it enjoyed outstanding appreciation from first time investors and from those looking to take the first step in the world of capital markets. 7/24 Capital has often been quoted in the media by professional journalists, as the project is highly regarded as a very reliable source of information.

You can watch all the episodes of 7/24 Capital on the YouTube Channel of Bucharest Stock Exchange


Conferences / events

The Bucharest Stock Exchange organizes periodically free of charge Forums aimed at entrepreneurs and investors with the purpose of bringing closer to them speakers, as well as business people, investors, journalists, lawyers with the purpose of facilitating the exchange of ideas and why not, new businesses. Therefore, our aim is to transform the Investors Forum already at the 7th edition in 2018 and The Entrepreneurship Forum, organized for the 2nd time in 2018 into benchmark events in their field.

Made in Romania

Made in Romania is a unique, ambitious program launched with the goal to contribute to the increase of the Romanian economy by identifying and promoting the Romania’s top companies. The Bucharest Stock Exchange, together with its partners launched this Program to identify the future engines of the Romanian economy and assist these companies throughout a full year in order for them to bring their business to the next level by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development. Practically the program begins with the registration of the companies in the Program, selection of 50 companies by a Jury according to well defined criteria, rewarding the TOP 15 companies during the Made in Romania Gala. In the last phase, the 15 finalist companies will enter the special mentoring program by providing them with training in the field of marketing, branding, strategy and innovation, audit and financing, and other relevant areas to their daily business. More information about the Program you can find on

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